My name is Makis Makris. I was born and have been residing in Kavala, Greece.

I studied “Greek Civilization and Culture” alongside Graphic Arts on “Interior Decoration”.

My first steps into photography were in 2009, when i attended a photographic seminar which organized by the Photoclub of Kavala, of which i am an active member until now. 

From January 2017 i also am a member of the BULB Photo Collective (Bucharest Urban League of photographers for the Balkans), which is based in Bucharest, Romania. 


-Bachelor Degree in Studies in «Greek Civilization  and Culture», Hellenic Open University"

-Graphic Arts on “Interior Decoration”

-One-year Course in Photography, Photoclub of  Kavala


-Portfolio Contest Parallel Voices 2021/ Photometria International Photography Festival, Ioannina, Greece

-PEP’s Photographic Exploration Project, «NEW TALENTS 2020» Berlin, Germany

-Honorable Mention in the "Street Photography" category at Siena International Photo Awards 2020, Italy

-Photometria Awards / International Photography Festival 2019 «I have a Dream», Ioannina, Greece

-Finalist of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2018, USA

-Finalist at Exibart Street, 2018 - Street Photography Contest, Italy

-Life Framer, “Street Life” Editors’ Pick, 2018


2020 -  Photographic Exploration Project exhibition «NEW TALENTS 2020», B-Part Exhibition Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2020 - International Photo Awards 2021, Siena, Italy

2020 - International group exhibition "ISOLATION. LIVING ONESELF", LoosenArt Mag/Gellery, Rome, Italy

2019 - Solo photo exhibition at Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil,  Russia

2019 - Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

2019 - Photometria Awards | International Photography Festival, Ioannina, Greece

2019 - Street Photo Milano/ International Street Photography Festival, Milan, Italy

2018 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece

2018- Miami Street Photography Festival, Miami, USA

2018- MoPP- Months of photography Paphos, THE WALL 2018 open air exhibition, Paphos, Cyprus

2018-Photo Synthesis, group exhibition Bulb Collective, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017- London Photo Festival, The Retro Wall, London, England

2014 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece

2014 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, PHOTOFESTIVALMES, Mesologgi, Greece

2013 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition- Theatrical Photography, Theater Antigone Valakou, Kavala, Greece

2012 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Kavala Mall, Kavala, Greece

Features/ Magazines/ Interviews 

-Fisheye MagazineInterview- Presentation "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Phases Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Seen Magazine,"Intimateness" series

-Discarded Magazine,"Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Fotodemic,"Down in the Mouth" series

-CTypemag Volume 3, "Apples and Oranges'' series

-Fotonica,"Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-CTypeMag,"Apples and Oranges'' series

-Life Framer, "Intimateness" series

-Sarab Collective Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series 

-EXP. 21-International Festival on Experimental Photography, Chimera 

-121clicks, Interview

-Bulb Collective, Photo Stories

-Eye-Photo, Issue #09, September 2018 

-Aeonian Magazine, ​The issue No.2

-Luminous Eye Zine, "Intimateness" series

-Eyeshot Magazine, Issue "The Mirror" Paper edition.

-Eyeshot Magazine, "Essence of Moments" series

-Kiosk of Democracy,"Intimateness" series

-Life Is Street, "Essence of Moments" series

-IFocus Magazine, Interview 

-IFocus Magazine, "Intimateness" series

-Photographic Mercadillo, Photo presentation

-Photologio Magazine, Interview

-Photologio Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series