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My name is Makis Makris. I was born and have been residing in Kavala, Greece.

I studied “Greek Civilization and Culture” alongside Graphic Arts on “Interior Decoration”.

My first steps into photography were in 2009, when i attended a photographic seminar which organized by the Photoclub of Kavala

On December 2020 my work has been selected to take part in PEP’s Photographic Exploration Project group exhibition «NEW TALENTS 2020», that has been held in BERLIN at B-Part Exhibition Gallery.

I have taken part in various group exhibitions as often in Greece as abroad and my photographic works have been displayed in both international and Greek online platforms and magazines.

In November 2019 took place my personal photo exhibition at SPACE PLACE Gallery in Nizhny Tagil, Russia.


-Bachelor Degree in Studies in «Greek Civilization  and Culture», Hellenic Open University"

-Graphic Arts on “Interior Decoration”

-One-year Course in Photography, Photoclub of  Kavala


-One of the winner of the Exhibition Prize, of the Passepartout Photo Prize 2022, Rome, Italy

-CTypeMag Special Mention of the Open Call "Survival", Bangkok

-Portfolio Contest Parallel Voices 2021/ Photometria International Photography Festival, Ioannina, Greece

-PEP’s Photographic Exploration Project, «NEW TALENTS 2020» Berlin, Germany

-Honorable Mention in the "Street Photography" category at Siena International Photo Awards 2020, Italy

-Photometria Awards / International Photography Festival 2019 «I have a Dream», Ioannina, Greece

-Finalist of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2018, USA

-Finalist at Exibart Street, 2018 - Street Photography Contest, Italy

-Life Framer, “Street Life” Editors’ Pick, 2018



2022 - Passepartout Photo Price 2022 Annual Exhibition, Rome, Italy

2021 - Parallel Voices 2021/ Photometria International Photography Festival exhibition, Ioannina, Greece

2021 - CTypeMag Gallery exhibition "Survival", Bangkok

2021 - PEP's Photographic Exploration Project "Obsessions" exhibition, Tête gallery, Berlin 

2021 - "Mojo Exhibition", Charta Festival, Rome, Italy

2021 - Driphf-Drama International Photo Festival, Drama, Greece

2020 - Photographic Exploration Project exhibition «NEW TALENTS 2020», B-Part Exhibition Gallery, Berlin         

2020 - International Photo Awards 2021, Siena, Italy

2020 - International group exhibition "ISOLATION. LIVING ONESELF", LoosenArt Mag/Gellery, Rome, Italy

2019 - Solo photo exhibition at Space Place Gallery, Nizhny Tagil,  Russia

2019 - Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

2019 - Photometria Awards | International Photography Festival, Ioannina, Greece

2019 - Street Photo Milano/ International Street Photography Festival, Milan, Italy

2018 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece

2018 - Miami Street Photography Festival, Miami, USA

2018 - MoPP- Months of photography Paphos, THE WALL 2018 open air exhibition, Paphos, Cyprus

2018 - Photo Synthesis, group exhibition Bulb Collective, Sofia, Bulgaria

2017- London Photo Festival, The Retro Wall, London, England

2014 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, Kavala, Greece

2014 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, PHOTOFESTIVALMES, Mesologgi, Greece

2013 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition- Theatrical Photography, Theater Antigone Valakou, Kavala, Greece

2012 - Photoclubkavala group exhibition, Kavala Mall, Kavala, Greece

Features/ Magazines/ Interviews 

-Phroom Platform, "Panta Rhei" series 

-Fisheye MagazineInterview- Presentation "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Top 200 PhMuseum's projects of 2021, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Phases Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Seen Magazine,"Intimateness" series

-Discarded Magazine,"Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-Fotodemic,"Down in the Mouth" series

-CTypemag Volume 3, "Apples and Oranges'' series

-Fotonica,"Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-CTypeMag,"Apples and Oranges'' series

-Life Framer, "Intimateness" series

-Sarab Collective Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series

-EXP. 21-International Festival on Experimental Photography, Chimera 

-121clicks, Interview

-Eye-Photo, Issue #09, September 2018 

-Aeonian Magazine, ​The issue No.2

-Eyeshot Magazine, "Essence of Moments" series

-Kiosk of Democracy,"Intimateness" series

-Life Is Street, "Essence of Moments" series

-IFocus Magazine, Interview 

-IFocus Magazine, "Intimateness" series

-Photographic Mercadillo, Photo presentation

-Photologio Magazine, Interview

-Photologio Magazine, "Odysseus' Clepsydra" series


-Passepartout Photo Prize 4th Editions Annual Catalogue, 2022

-Fotonica's first artist book "I.D." 1st edition 2022

-Printed version of "Mojo", organised by Yogurt Magazine & the Paper Room

-PEP’s Photographic Exploration Project, Catalogue- «NEW TALENTS 2020»

-PEP's Photographic Exploration Project, Catalogue-"Obsessions"

-Siena International Photo Awards 2020, "Beyond the Lens" printed edition

-Eyeshot Magazine,"The Mirror" Printed-Paper edition

-Luminous Eye Zine, printed edition




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